Funny Chinese Signs – is China Really Ready for the Olympics?

My friend Joan forwarded me an email containing photos of funny Chinese signs found in China as the country prepares for the Olympics. I did a little looking around the Internet and found a few more. It’s obvious the Chinese are trying, but I think they need to fire their translator. I couldn’t stop laughing. … Read more

Solving The Zimbabwe Crisis, One Person At A Time

Three weeks ago, the East African country of Zimbabwe held a Presidential election. By all accounts, incumbent President Robert Mugabe was soundly defeated, however his administration has so far refused to release the official results of the election. Instead, Mugabe’s corrupt government has unleashed a brutal campaign to retain power. The opposition says that ten … Read more

Weighing In On Tibet

Tibetan woman enjoys meal at International Human Rights Day Celebration at Tashiling Tibetan refugee settlement in Pokhara, Nepal

I had my next trip all planned. Until last week I was quite sure that my next long-term travel route would be Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Nepal, Tibet, Malaysia, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. But when the Chinese again began killing Buddhist Monks and ethnic Tibetans, I started rethinking my visit to China. … Read more