Weighing In On Tibet

I had my next trip all planned. Until last week I was quite sure that my next long-term travel route would be Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Nepal, Tibet, Malaysia, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. But when the Chinese again began killing Buddhist Monks and ethnic Tibetans, I started rethinking my visit to China. I was undecided, until the Chinese government accused the Dalai Lama of being responsible for the violence in Tibet.

China has crossed the line with this accusation. The Dalai Lama is a beloved figure across the world. No human being exudes more love and warmth than this man. No one individual could be more committed to non-violence. The Chinese government is a disgrace and I will make my disgust known by refusing to set foot in China until they relent and restore Tibet to the Tibetans. With the 2008 Olympics at stake, collectively we can make an important political statement by withholding our presence and our dollars. More than anything, China desires prominence and respect in the world. Boycotting the Olympics will bring shame upon them, which is our most powerful weapon if we wish to pressure them to free Tibet. In the meantime, I pray for Tibet and all the Tibetan people..

3 thoughts on “Weighing In On Tibet”

  1. I think you need to travel to Tibet and witness what has been done to the Tibetan people in reality rather than taking an abstract conceptual attitude to their suffering which will accomplish nothing. What is a travel blog for if it is not to travel and blog about the reality you encounter?

    • Hi Hilary: Been trying to get into Tibet for the last three years. Each time, the Chinese close down the shared trips, which i s all I can afford.


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