PHOTO: Taberna at Pompeii, Italy

PHOTO: Taberna at Pompeii, Italy

This taberna at Pompeii is one of many where Romans took their midday meal. Food was scooped out of the large jars on the counter top.

Click on above photo to view it in large format: This taberna at Pompeii, considered a fast food joint of the ancient world, is one of many where Romans took their midday meal. Food was scooped out of the large jars on the counter top.

8 Comments on “PHOTO: Taberna at Pompeii, Italy

  1. It looks like it could still be a fast food joint today. You can almost hear the midday chatter in the walls.

    • Hi Mark: I had the same thought; it was eerily similar to our fast food joints today. Ghosts, ghosts…

  2. This is a fantastic photograph, and most interesting content and conception, available food for lunch for the choosing. I bet their minestra or zuppa was really good. I have a personal reason and desire is to visit Napoli as soon as I am able to do so, meaning time and money. Pompeii is located in the Bay of Naples, so I now have more to explore in that region, besides my heritage, which began in Napoli. I am interested in finding some way to determine if there are descendants of Sarah Tivoli and Vittorio Giuriati, who were my grandparents, and whose marriage certificate I was able to obtain for $5 from the Commune Napoli. My father, Lionello Giuriati was their son, and there was a sister also, and as far as I know I am the only surviving descendant of that marriage. But there may be other relatives! What is the best place to start digging in Italy for relatives more than a century old?

    • Hi Suzanne: I know just how you feel. My ancestry is Swiss German, so I was really excited to be able to locate other namesake Weibels in Switzerland. Hope you get to visit someday soon. In the meantime, you might search Facebook for your last name, as there are many FB groups set up for people with the same last name to share info.

  3. What would a Pompeian Big Mac consist of? I wonder what they actually ate here. Fascinating….

    • LOL Nancy. Apparently scientists say they had a pretty healthy diet, which they know from food remains in the big ceramic jars.

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