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As a perpetual traveler with no permanent home I live out of a suitcase, so I’m constantly searching for the perfect luggage and accessories. I began blogging and traveling for a living more than seven years ago at age 54. Initially, I chose an Eagle Creek wheeled backpack that had a zip-off day pack, but as I got older, I could no longer carry everything on my back; my laptop and camera equipment and accessories alone weigh 25 pounds! A few years ago I sent Eagle Creek the zip-off day pack from this case for repair. It had been used hard – thrown atop chicken buses in Latin America, endured sweaty hikes in the hills of Southeast Asia, used as a pillow on trains in India – and the zipper finally broke after years of abuse. Yet Eagle Creek never blanched at repairing it – for FREE!

Eagle Creek 25" Tarmac AWD, ready to roll

Eagle Creek 25″ Tarmac AWD, ready to roll

I must admit that over the years I’ve tried a few other brands, including one that everyone said was the best luggage on the market, but I was always disappointed by the design, durability, or the warranty of these other products. In the end, I always came back to Eagle Creek. So I was especially pleased when Eagle Creek invited me to participate in their blogger gear program this past winter. They allowed me to choose up to six products to test, including one suitcase. Frankly, I’d already been on the hunt for a new case to replace my 22″ carry-on. In the middle of March I was scheduled for an Arctic Cruise in Norway, and ten months later I tentatively planned to be in steamy Thailand. I needed a suitcase that would be large enough to hold cold weather and tropical clothes, but light enough for me to carry. I decided upon the 25″ Tarmac AWD Case, which features a super-light, 3-ply polycarbonate back shell combined with a fabric front, and is equipped with four rugged 360 Dynamic Spin™ wheels.

Eagle Creek 25" Tarmac AWD, packed and ready to be zipped up

Eagle Creek 25″ Tarmac AWD, packed and ready to be zipped up

Eagle Creek 25" Tarmac AWD, opened and laid flat, showing placement of packing tubes and cubes

Eagle Creek 25″ Tarmac AWD, opened and laid flat, showing placement of packing tubes and cubes

The Tarmac is, without a doubt, the best bag I’ve ever owned. Initially I worried about the polycarbonate shell. It seemed very thin and flexible and I wondered how it would hold up, but it is tough as nails. Also, the four wheels are a godsend. My shoulders used to ache from pulling a loaded bag behind me but Eagle Creek’s spinner wheels, which rotate 360-degrees, allow me to push the bag rather than pull it, completely eliminating shoulder stress. The interior design was also a big surprise. The main compartment is composed of two large open spaces, secured by a zippered netting on one side and an X-shaped elastic band with clips on the other. I was concerned about keeping things from sliding around and becoming a mess in these large open cavities, but this is where Eagle Creek’s packing cubes and tubes came in. I loaded my folded clothes in the side that had the elastic X-band, using the space between the two stacks of clothes for my collapsible tripod, which I topped with a Pack-It Specter™ Tube Cube (see lime green tube above, at right). Though Eagle Creek says it’s great for socks, underwear, or belts, my flip-flops and a pair of ballet slipper shoes fit perfectly.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tube Cube

Pack-It Specter Tube Cube

On the opposite side I placed the Pack-It™ Half Cube, which I found ideal for socks and underwear, but which could also be used to roll and compress sweaters, pants, and shirts; or for electronic cords and accessories. Though their Pack-It™ Shoe Sac is designed to hold a large pair of shoes, it was the ideal size for eight of my rolled-up T-shirts.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Half Cube

Eagle Creek Pack-It Half Cube

Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sac

Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sac

Finally, in the center I placed the Large Travel Towel, which folds down to a fraction of the size of a regular towel and rolls into its own mesh bag. It was a couple of months before I had an opportunity to use it, as linens were provided by most places I stayed, however when I finally stayed at a guest house that charged $2 for towels, I was very happy to have the Eagle Creek towel at my disposal. It was ultra-absorbent, made of an antibacterial fabric, and dried quickly. I will never again travel without it.

Eagle Creek Large Travel Towel

Eagle Creek Large Travel Towel

I’m back in the U.S. for a short while, visiting family, but it won’t be long before I hit the road again. I’ve decided to go back to a 22″ carry-on size but this time, I won’t need to fret over which bag to choose. I’m going right for the 22″ Tarmac AWD.

For tips on what to pack, check out this article I wrote some years ago.

Disclosure: Eagle Creek provided the above products to me free of charge, however, the receipt and acceptance of complimentary items or services will never influence the content, topics, or posts in this blog. I write the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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  2. Hi Barbara Weibel, Thanks for Posting this awesome article and examples helped a lot. .please keep on writing
    Thank you for sharing information with us.

  3. Thanks, Barbra for sharing such nice valuable post, as I love to travel and this information will really help me in future aspects, Thanks keep on sharing such a nice posts

  4. Your photos are awesome — can I ask what type of camera you’re using? I have a Sony A5000 mirrorless camera that I used on two trips to South America (90 days) and Italy (40 days). So far I’m just using the included lens, but thinking of adding a telephoto lens as I get better at photography.

    • Hi Patrick: I am also a mirrorless convert, though I am using the Olympus OM-D E-M1. I am using the Zuiko 14-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens as my walk-around. I absolutely love the crispness of the glass. I have a telephoto (not the pro version, it was too expensive), but I rarely use it.

  5. Nice article has some good tips here. especially your luggage and it use are awesome. I used the same quality luggage but i can’t use properly. thanks for your advice.

  6. Hi Barbara: I’m enjoying your blog and your natural writing ability. Congrats on creating a life that fits your passions…Question: You said you decided to go back to the 22-inch roller after testing the 25-inch model. Why did you go back to the smaller one? I’m about to launch a world adventure and am wondering if the 3-inch difference was critical in some situations?



    • Hi Catherine: It’s not so much about the size as the weight. The 25″ one, when fully loaded, is just a little too heavy for me to haul up and down hills, stairs, etc.

  7. I have an old black eagle creek backpack with daypack….actually…lost daypack.
    How may I replace?

  8. Really slick bag … awesome that they fix it for free as well. Goes to show that buying quality truly is worth it!

    • Yep, thew old saying “you get what you pay for,” certainly holds true here, Larry.

  9. I have the eagle creek conversion pack, can be a backpack too. It is the best bag and sometimes wearing it is better that rolling on cobble stone streets of Europe (or just to get up the really step stairs in Amsterdam).

    • Hi Brian: I used an Eagle Creek bag with that configuration for years but finally had to go to a roller board because the weight on my back, year after year, was getting too much for me. But for anyone who’s not carrying as much heavy equipment as I do, it would be a great bag.

  10. Great post. thanks for sharing it. i’ve been looking for a lightweight and durable luggage and not satisfied with most of them. your post make me so keen to buy Eagle Creek. I’ll buy it next time i hit the shop.

    • Hi Charles: I can’t say enough about Eagle Creek, and in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you can’t beat their lifetime warranty.

  11. Like the sound of this combination of a light case that’s also very durable – I’m also a convert to the spinner concept of 4 wheels which really makes it a lot less effort to roll your case along

    • It’s a great combination, Heather. I really love how durable the polycarbonate shell is.

  12. I’m a fan of Eagle Creek products myself and I couldn’t live without my packing cubes!!

    • Ditto, Sarah! Now that I’ve discovered the packing cubes, I won’t ever be able to do without them.

  13. I first used pack-it cubes from a company in the US about 40 years ago. Then the lighter versions were made with new fabric. Since then I have bought all the Eagle Creek items for my own use and for other to have the experience of organised packing. All products last for years and do good service. Buy Eagle Creek.

    • Thanks for reinforcing my recommendation, Barbara. I just love their packing cubes, tubes, etc.

  14. I need a new 22″ carry-on bag. You and Donna Hull both highly recommend Eagle Creek Luggage. Sounds like this might be a match made for travel!

    • You just can’t beat Eagle Creek, in my opinion Nancy!

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