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Beat the Airlines at Their Own Game – Wear a Jacket With Hidden Pockets

I hate flying. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not afraid to fly, I quite like airports, and I’ve even grown accustomed to the frustrating security process. But the airlines’ ever-changing baggage allowance rules are enough to make my blood boil. Considering that I’m on the road full time and have to pack…

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Perfect Travel Gear from Eagle Creek Luggage

As a perpetual traveler with no permanent home I live out of a suitcase, so I’m constantly searching for the perfect luggage and accessories. I began blogging and traveling for a living more than seven years ago at age 54. Initially, I chose an Eagle Creek wheeled backpack that had a zip-off day…

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No More Worries About A Safe Drinking Water Supply with SteriPEN

A couple of months go I was contacted by a representative of SteriPEN, the manufacturers of a hand-held ultraviolet (UV) light water purifier, asking if I would be interested in testing their device. I almost never accept products for review, but due to the amount of time I spend in developing countries where…

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Paperwallet is an Excellent Eco-Friendly Option for Travelers

Recently, the manufacturer of Paperwallet, a new lightweight wallet made from a thin, tear-resistant, elastic fabric called Tyvek, asked me to try out their product. Although I don’t write a lot of product reviews, I agreed in this instance because I have been searching for a solution to the “wallet issue” for years….

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