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Solving The Zimbabwe Crisis, One Person At A Time

Three weeks ago, the East African country of Zimbabwe held a Presidential election. By all accounts, incumbent President Robert Mugabe was soundly defeated, however his administration has so far refused to release the official results of the election. Instead, Mugabe’s corrupt government has unleashed a brutal campaign to retain power. The opposition says…

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Three Words – African Countries

As I leave Africa and wing my way toward Switzerland, I have been thinking about the three words I will assign to each of the African countries I have visited. I have decided not to do this for Zambia, for I only spent a couple hours in this country and then only in…

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Off On Safari – New South Africa Photos In Library

I’ve arrived in Tanzania after 17 hours of travel and I head out into the bush early tomorrow morning for a nine day safari, followed by a four day stay with a Masai family in a tribal village, so I won’t be blogging for at least a week. However, I did just post…

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South Africa – Not My Cup Of Tea

Within 15 minutes of landing at Johannesburg Airport in South Africa someone tried to scam me. As usual, I headed directly to the ATM machine to get local currency with my bank card. Upon completing my transaction, a woman approached me, saying she was having trouble getting the ATM to take her card…

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