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Category: Travel industry news

Homage to Evelyn Hannon, Publisher of Journeywoman.com – You Will be Missed

When I started this blog, just about 12.5 years ago, it was one of the first travel blogs in the world. Those were the days when no one knew what a blog was. Like everyone else during those early days, I was feeling my way, trying different things to market myself and gain…

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My Fourth Travel Blog Exchange Conference – TBEX in Manila, Philippines

This past October, I flew to the Philippines, to attend the Travel Blog Exchange Conference, officially known as TBEX in Manila 2016. My association with TBEX began back in 2009, when an email between six travel blogger friends became the impetus for the first get-together in Chicago. There were barely 100 people at…

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Hole In The Donut Named Finalist in Eleventh Annual Weblog Awards (“The Bloggies”)

The Eleventh Annual Weblog Awards (“The Bloggies”) are upon us! For those of you who don’t know about The Bloggies, once each year they set out to discover the best blogs on the web in a variety of categories (sort of like the Academy Awards for bloggers). The Bloggies began in 2001 and…

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Dumbest Moments In Travel for 2009

Travel Insights 100, a panel of travel experts selected by UpTake.com (the travel search engine that helps travelers decide where to go, where to stay, or what to do) were recently asked to name the dumbest moments in travel during 2009 (author’s update: Uptake.com subsequently shut down operations and sold their site to…

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Travel Insights 100 Make Travel Predictions for 2010, Choose Dumbest Travel Moments of 2009

A few months ago I was honored to be invited to become a member of Travel Insights 100, a panel of 100 travel experts that included activists, traditional media, independent travelers, and airline and hotel experts who have banded together to monitor travel insights and trends and share that information across the travel…

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Southwest Introduces New Green Plane to Fleet

Southwest Airlines has always been one of my favorite carriers, a position which was recently reinforced when they refused to charge the onerous $100 checked luggage fee being levied by other airlines. My confidence in Southwest escalated another notch today when I learned a “green plane” is being added to their fleet. Environmentally…

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