Dumbest Moments In Travel for 2009

Travel Insights 100, a panel of travel experts selected by UpTake.com (the travel search engine that helps travelers decide where to go, where to stay, or what to do) were recently asked to name the dumbest moments in travel during 2009 (author’s update: Uptake.com subsequently shut down operations and sold their site to Groupon).

The experts ranked the airlines as the dumbest industry, citing events such as ramping-up of all kinds of airline fees, the NWA Flight 188 pilots who overshot the Minneapolis airport during a landing approach because they weren’t paying attention, the ‘United breaks Guitars‘ fiasco, and TSA threatening travel bloggers. However airlines weren’t the only ones on the dumbness radar, as the following presentation shows:

Disclosure: Barbara Weibel is a member of Travel Insights 100

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