My Fourth Travel Blog Exchange Conference – TBEX in Manila, Philippines

Filipino beauty queens parade at the Opening Night ceremony at TVEX in Manila 2016

This past October, I flew to the Philippines, to attend the Travel Blog Exchange Conference, officially known as TBEX in Manila 2016. My association with TBEX began back in 2009, when an email between six travel blogger friends became the impetus for the first get-together in Chicago. There were barely 100 people at that event. … Read more

PHOTO: Brothers in Arms Sculpture at the Pacific War Memorial, Corregidor Island, Philippines

The Pacific War Memorial on the island of Corregidor in Manila, Philippines, was constructed in 1968 was built by the United States Government to honor the American and Filipino servicemen who participated in the Pacific War

The very moving Brothers in Arms sculpture on Corregidor Island in Manila, Philippines honors the American and Filipino servicemen who fought in the Pacific Theater during World War Two. The piece stands at the entrance to the Pacific War Memorial, which was built by the U.S. government in 1968 at a cost of three million … Read more

PHOTO: Corregidor Island Lighthouse at the Entrance to Manila Bay, Philippines

Corregidor Island Lighthouse on the island of Corregidor, at the entrance to Manila harbor in the Philippines

Corregidor Island Lighthouse sits on the highest point of the island of Corregidor in the Philippines. The original lighthouse, completed in 1853, guided ships through the narrow Manila Bay passageway to the port of Manila. The lighthouse functioned continuously until World War Two. By that time, Corregidor Island had become a U.S. military installation. By … Read more