PHOTO: Brothers in Arms Sculpture at the Pacific War Memorial, Corregidor Island, Philippines

The Pacific War Memorial on the island of Corregidor in Manila, Philippines, was constructed in 1968 was built by the United States Government to honor the American and Filipino servicemen who participated in the Pacific War

The very moving Brothers in Arms sculpture on Corregidor Island in Manila, Philippines honors the American and Filipino servicemen who fought in the Pacific Theater during World War Two. The piece stands at the entrance to the Pacific War Memorial, which was built by the U.S. government in 1968 at a cost of three million dollars. The memorial is located on “Topside,” the highest point of the island. A pathway behind the sculpture leads to a rotunda, where a circular opening in the roof allows light to fall on an altar during daylight hours. At noon on May 5th each year, light lands directly on the altar, commemorating the exact moment that troops surrendered and the courage they exhibited over 72 days of bombing. Visitors who arrive on May 5th offer a moment of silence in remembrance of the horrific loss of life that occurred on the island.

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  1. Hello. My name is Michael Craig Mitchell. I am a descendant of Crawford Mitchell from California. (Died: 1965-66 burried in San Bruno, California) I have family information that indicates Crawford was involved in the Corregidor battle and that he may have been the last evacuated from the island when stormed by the Japanese. He was the radio operator I believe. Do you have any information on my Uncle Crawford verifying his involvement in this WWII engagement? Thank you.


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