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My Interview With Career Pivot Podcast – “Repurpose Your Career”

In 2018 I was invited to be interviewed for Marc Miller’s very interesting Career Pivot podcast. The subject, “Repurpose Your Career,” might have been custom made for me, since I walked away from 36 years of corporate life to begin a life of travel and blogging. Recently, Marc contacted me to find out…

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Webinar: The Future of Travel in a Post-COVID World Now Available on YouTube

Yesterday I participated in a Webinar organized by Tony and Leanne Argyle of Travatical Magazine that included panelists Ian Usher from House Sitting Magazine and Jane and Duncan Dempster-Smith from To Travel Too. The four of us had a fascinating discussion about travel in a Post-COVID world. We tackled questions such as whether…

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Join Me on a Free Webinar: The Future of Travel in a Post COVID-19 World

Most of my followers know that I’ve temporarily stopped publishing travel stories during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, while there may be less interest in my reading about my travel experiences at the moment, I suspect many of us are wondering about the future of travel after COVID-19. Right now, it feels like we’ll…

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2015 Year in Review and Where 2016 Will Take Me

I’ve never written a year in review article before, but for some reason I’m driven to do so this year, and when I counted up I was shocked to see that I visited 19 countries in 2015! What’s even more amazing is that I did that in just seven months, because I stayed…

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Home for the Holidays

I have come full circle. At the tender age of 17, I fled from my parents house, determined to make my way in the world according to my own rules. Now, 45 years later, I am back home again. Eight years ago I took a tremendous leap of faith and left my corporate…

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And the Winner Is…A Very Interesting Twist to the Save Elephant Foundation Benefit

A few weeks ago, in celebration of my seven year anniversary of blogging, I joined with a couple dozen other travel bloggers to raise funds for Save Elephant Foundation. The organization provides for the care of 38 elephants at Elephant Nature Park, who have been so badly injured or abused that they cannot…

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