My Interview With Career Pivot Podcast – “Repurpose Your Career”

In 2018 I was invited to be interviewed for Marc Miller’s very interesting Career Pivot podcast. The subject, “Repurpose Your Career,” might have been custom made for me, since I walked away from 36 years of corporate life to begin a life of travel and blogging. Recently, Marc contacted me to find out how I was faring. We did a second, briefer interview, where we discussed what it’s like to live in Thailand during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Career Pivot Podcast, Repurpose Your Career, with Barbara Weibel
I recently did an update interview for the Career Pivot Podcast, “Repurpose Your Career,” which addressed what it’s like living in Thailand during the times of Coronavirus.

Marc merged the two interviews into one and has made them available here. I just listened to the entire encore interview and was more than a little amazed at the breadth of subjects we covered – everything from how I became a travel blogger to how Google ranks websites, to how bloggers make money. We even talked about the potential for more pandemics to arise as global warming causes glaciers to melt and ancient bacteria to emerge from a warming permafrost in Siberia. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed giving it. And if you found my interview interesting, Marc has scores of interviews with others who have switched careers and changed their lives. Sign up for his podcast series here.

2 thoughts on “My Interview With Career Pivot Podcast – “Repurpose Your Career””

  1. Barbra, your story is inspirationally impressive, and the photos from your Antarctica tour are incredible!

    Your podcast interview was extremely informative, helping me organize my perspective with confidence to continue my nomadic lifestyle. When our travel paths cross, you have dinner on me.

    You stay safe in travel and continued success.


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