PHOTO: Snoqualmie Falls, Generating Power for 100+ Years in Washington State

Snowqualmie Falls in Washington State

In the late 1890’s, Charles Hinckley Baker was employed as a civil engineer for the Seattle, LakeShore & Eastern Railroad, which operated a rail line that passed Snoqualmie Falls in the State of Washington. From the moment he saw the waterfall, Baker realized its potential for power generation. He convinced his father to lend him … Read more

The Life and Times of a New York Drag Queen Turned Pasaquan Saint

One of many sculptures of the aliens who directed Eddie Owens Martin to create the site known as Pasaquan in Buena Vista, Georgia

Whenever he needed supplies, Eddie Owens Martin would dress up in drag queen regalia, open the doors of his beat-up old station wagon, and call his cats. Dozens would emerge from every corner of the yard and hop in for the short ride to Buena Vista, Georgia. In town, the cats would scatter to the … Read more