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Fascinating Japanese Water Writer

When I was in Singapore last year, I saw the world’s largest fountain. Several times a day the shopping center in which the fountain was located would host a laser light show, featuring a variety of images that were projected onto a curtain of falling water. The Japanese fountain in the video below…

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How To Cross A Street in Vietnam

It seems a simple thing, crossing a street. But my idea of how to get across a busy street in the U.S., whether on foot or in a vehicle, is significantly different from methods employed to cross streets in other places in the world. For example, take a look at this video showing…

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Three Words to Describe Singapore

What three words have I chosen to describe Singapore? Safe: Singapore may be the safest city in the world Clean: Clean drinking water, clean river, clean streets Orderly: There are lots of laws and regulations here, but they do not seem too onerous. The people are happy and everyone just seems to do…

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Something Smelly In Singapore

I finally found a part of Singapore that is not perfect. The direct path from the city center to Singapore’s Chinatown took me through the Chinese food sector. Here, although the streets were still litter free, the odor emanating from the markets and restaurants was a mixture of soy sauce, sweet and sour…

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Under The Spell Of Singapore

I was enchanted. I was captivated. From the moment I arrived this city/state it felt like home – it was instantly familiar to me. No matter where I wandered I seemed to instinctively know where I was without looking at a map. There were so many interesting places to see in Singapore that…

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All Dressed Up And Eating With Their Fingers

In a city vibrant with color, Little India is perhaps the most flamboyant of Singapore‘s many ethnic neighborhoods. Life bubbles over in Little India. The streets are lined with stalls selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to used computers, stacked in a high tower on the curb. Indian men rattle incoherent streams…

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