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I’ve Been Splashed!

Thanks to Laura Lee over at Midlife Crisis Queen for her nomination of Hole In The Donut for a Splash Award! The Splash is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring blogs. In the spirit of the pass-it-along quality of the award, I invite you to visit the following blogs which I…

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On Birds, Plane Crashes, and Impending Death

The recent plane crash of a USAirways jet stirred up memories for me. A few years ago I was flying from the mainland of Honduras to Guanaja in the Bay Islands, which is located about 30 miles off the northern coast. The twin engine puddle-jumper took off to the east and banked left…

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Sony Releases “A Night In” World Music Collection

Music is one of the joys of traveling. In SE Asia I discovered Cambodian wedding songs. Hindu legends set to music charmed me in Bali. And music in Tanzania and Zanzibar was an amazing melange of drums, rhythm, and harmonizing voices. In years past, the only way to sample music around the world…

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Jason Mraz Was The Best Concert Of My Life

Jason Mraz is the real deal. The whole enchilada. The complete package. I discovered Mraz two or three years ago as I was flipping through the TV channels in a hotel room during one of my ubiquitous trips and landed on Austin City Limits. The show featured a live concert by this young…

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Dear President-Elect Barack Obama

Dear President-elect Obama: This afternoon I was sitting at a table outside of my favorite coffee shop, talking to a friend on my cell phone, when I noticed that the local merchants had written on the sidewalk with pastel chalk. The giant letters proclaimed “Vote Obama,” and “Obama is in the house.” Chills…

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