Three Words to Describe Singapore

What three words have I chosen to describe Singapore?

Safe: Singapore may be the safest city in the world

Clean: Clean drinking water, clean river, clean streets

Orderly: There are lots of laws and regulations here, but they do not seem too onerous. The people are happy and everyone just seems to do what is “right.” For example, at a bus stop yesterday, I watched people automatically queue in an orderly line along the sidewalk, without benefit of stanchion and chains. There is no pushing or rudeness; only polite orderliness.

11 thoughts on “Three Words to Describe Singapore”

  1. I used to think like most people who didn’t see the positive side of Singapore, “too perfect, too modern, computer-controlled, full of systems, too many rules…”. But as I grew older and after I have traveled all over the world, I realized that there are many interesting places in the world which are not perfect, outdated technology, old fashion, lack of systems and rules… these are actually those places nobody wanna live because it not safe, but it might be fun to visit for a short time. Singapore is what most countries envious to be and emulate in this modern century we are living.

    The world is constantly evolving, moving forward, that’s the natural progression, our mind should too, not moving backward t the cave.

    Singapore has the best of both world actually, it has a mixture of many cultures and one can experience these traditions if you don’t just be a typical tourist. That’s what I know now 🙂

  2. And one Dutch woman once said “Singapore is an artificial country; sort of being computer controlled place.”
    Just voicing out her opinion of Singapore..

  3. Add one more word…boring.
    That’s only I speaking. But I found Singapore like being in an operating room with all the lights on and everything too perfect…not like the rest of Asia that I know and love. Just my opinion…Ellie


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