Morton Arboretum – 1,700 Acres of Winter Wonderland

After a few housebound weeks in Illinois’ sub-freezing winter weather, a thirty-six degree day felt positively balmy. Although the weatherman called for yet another dreary, overcast day, no snow or freezing rain was forecast, so I seized the opportunity to visit the Morton Arboretum, a 1,700-acre park in the Chicago’s western suburbs. The Arboretum was … Read more

In an Era of Civil Unrest, Chicago’s Maxwell Street Welcomed Everyone

They say all things come full circle. In September of 1969, I hopped aboard the Red Line of the EL and rode down the Dan Ryan Expressway for my first day at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The neighborhood around Roosevelt and Halstead Streets was not safe in those days. One block south was … Read more

Ghost Bikes Memorialize Cyclists Around the World

Ghost bikes, this one in memorium of bicyclist Nicole Cañón, who was killed by a motorist in Bogota, Colombia

With its rusting chain and flat tires, some consider the dilapidated, whitewashed bicycle chained to a sign post on Chicago’s north side a piece of urban junk. Cyclists know better. Pedaling by, they pay silent homage at this memorial to George Chavez, a cyclist killed at this spot in a hit-and-run accident in June of … Read more