Joy Rising – A Great Way to Start the New Year

I am in the Chicagoland area, visiting my family as usual for the holidays. I love this city and would move back here in a heartbeat, but for its brutal winters (it has been hovering near zero for the last few nights, with daytime temps in the single digits). But the rest of the time, Chicago is a joy, and never has it been more joyful than this past September, when more than 20,000 people pulled off a massive surprise for an unsuspecting Oprah Winfrey during the Oprah Show’s 24th season kickoff party, held on Chicago’s Miracle Mile on North Michigan Avenue. The entire crowd performed a choreographed Oprah Winfrey flash mob dance to the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.”

Oprah, who was obviously shocked and thrilled by the surprise, showed the video from that event on today’s show and interviewed two of the people who were dancers. One said that her favorite part of the dance was when everyone was hunched over with their hands on the backs of the person in front of them. Amazed no one seemed to care that they were being touched by total strangers and elbowed by dancers aside them, the woman speculated there would be world peace if everyone lived with that kind of spirit and happiness. Another participant said that he still remembers the steps and whenever he is havingh a bad day, he closes the door to his office and dances to the video of the event. He described the portion of the dance where participants put their palms together in prayer fashion and raised their arms to the sky as “Joy Rising.”

My wish for everyone in 2010 is “Joy Rising.”

6 thoughts on “Joy Rising – A Great Way to Start the New Year”

  1. What a COOL feel good post. I am feeling very happy right about now. This is my first visit to your blog. Your philosophy resonates andI will have to come back to read more. Happy 2010 to you!

  2. People will do anything for Oprah! That was really cool. It reminded me of the work of Improv Everywhere. Have you ever seen them and any of their skits? Maybe not quite as moving – but really clever and funny. Google them and check out some of their work!
    Thanks for sharing Barbara!

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