Sweat, Stench, and Pigeon Droppings Produce Leather at the Tanning Pits of Fez, Morocco

The largest tannery in Fez, Morocco, seen from one of three surrounding terraces where finished leather goods are sold

An employee handed us each a sprig of mint as we filed into the door of the Chouara Tannery. “Oh, they’re going to make tea for us, how nice,” I thought. I picked my way up the dark, narrow stairway, emerging three flights later into an open-air leather goods shop, where we were led to … Read more

Zimbabwe Travel Situation Improving

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

During my travels, some places capture my heart more than others. Zimbabwe was one of those places. I met so many wonderful people who were gracious and smiling despite suffering unbearable economic woes and political suppression. Finally, I am happy to report that my friends, who keep me apprised of current events, tell me that … Read more