Florida’s Babcock Wilderness, Where Man and Nature Live in Harmony

Trinkets and souvenirs rarely interest me when I travel, but I find it almost impossible to pass by a farm stand selling local honey. Each of the half dozen varieties lining my kitchen shelves has a particular use: a thick, full-bodied Blackberry honey from the Virginia hills is best drizzled over fresh fruit, while scarce … Read more

Beauty, Beasts, and Bells at the Bok Tower in Central Florida

The sound of Bok Tower’s carillon bells was so mesmerizing that I did not notice the snake. I stood at the far end of the tower’s reflecting pond, enjoying the ethereal music, until suffocating midday heat drove me to the shaded concrete benches at the edge of the semi-circular clearing. Suddenly, a movement. A black … Read more

Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda, Florida Takes The Adage “One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Treasure” To A New Level

Just six of the 720 parking spaces were occupied when I pulled into the lot of Muscle Car City. I surveyed the squat building before me. Despite a fancy black and white checkerboard paint job, it still looked every inch a converted Wal-Mart. Inside the only sound was a hushed conversation between two elderly gentlemen … Read more

Living Beneath the Herbert Hoover Dike at Lake Okeechobee

With growing anticipation I approached the town of Moore Haven in central Florida, where I expected to catch my first glimpse of Lake Okeechobee. As the second largest freshwater lake lying completely within the United States, Okeechobee ranks among the most famous landmarks of Florida. I negotiated a long curve into town, watching for the … Read more