Day Trip from Vienna to Salzburg – Is It Possible?

My Get Your Guide day trip from Vienna to Salzburg began at Mirabellgarten, perhaps most famous for the tree-lined boulevard at right, which was used in the film Sound of Music

Salzburg had been recommended to me as the second most interesting city in Austria, after Vienna. I’d planned to stop there for a few days, but several hours of searching for accommodations turned up nothing that was affordable. I gave up and bypassed the city entirely. A few days later, after thoroughly exploring all the … Read more

PHOTO: Original Mozartkugel at Furst Cafe in Salzburg, Austria

Original Mozartkugel at Furst Cafe in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria, is best known for its historic old town, castles, and age-old churches. But for my money, the real reason to visit this historic city is to taste one of the world’s most delicious candies, the original Mozartkugel at Furst Cafe. This small, round ball was developed in 1890 by Paul Fürst, who came … Read more

PHOTO: A Lucky View of the Lipizzaner Horses in Vienna, Austria

Lipizzaner Horses in Vienna, Austria

These handsome Lipizzaner Horses in Vienna are descendants of the breed that was initially developed in the 16th century with the support of the Royal Hapsburg family. Lipizzaners were bred for a long life and a muscular build. As a result, they excel in performing jumps and other “in-the-air” feats practiced in classical dressage. Lipizzaner … Read more

PHOTO: Art on Graben Street in Vienna, Austria

Graben Street in Vienna

The view down Graben Street in Vienna, Austria. This avenue dates back to an old Roman settlement, when it was a trench running in front of the medieval city walls. During the 12th century, the trench was filled in and became one of the city’s first residential streets. Over the centuries Graben Street has been … Read more