Giveaway – WiFox App Provides WiFi Passwords for Airports Around the World

WiFox wifi password finder for airports and airport lounges in 70 airports around the world

Have you ever been stuck with a long layover in an airport and been forced to pay for wifi access? Even worse are the schemes that tease you with 30 minutes of free wifi access and then rudely¬†shut you off. If, like me, you believe that wifi should be a right rather than a privilege, … Read more

Finding the Right Plug for My Laptop and Other Technical Headaches Solved

The Ultimate Tech Guide for Travelers, by Foxnomad

As I prepared to move on to Thailand, my brain started clicking through checklists. Still possible to get a 30-day visa on arrival? Check. iPhone unlocked and ready for a foreign SIM cards for cheap overseas calls? Check. Adapter that would allow me to charge my electronics in Thailand? Um, no. These days, it’s not … Read more

Why I (Probably) Won’t Buy an Apple iPad

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of the new Apple iPad because I was absolutely convinced it would be a “must have” product for me. As I watched the Keynote event where Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad this past Wednesday, I was initially very impressed. The sleek design and giant touchpad screen had me salivating. … Read more

Using ATT iPhone for International Travel Without Breaking the Bank (3Gs, 4 and 4s)

When I traveled internationally for the first time after buying my iPhone, I was concerned about the potential for racking up huge phone bills. I’d heard horror stories about people who used their ATT iPhone for international travel, only to discover they had mounted up thousands of dollars in cell phone charges upon returning home. … Read more