The Legend of Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's Lace blossom with a perfect ruby red center
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On my final day in the northeast corner of Adirondack Park, I walked across the street to Point au Roche State Park, bound for a narrow point that juts out into Lake Champlain. Hot, humid breezes blew thick grey thunderheads overhead and birds flitted back and forth, as if panicked by the approaching storm. I … Read more

Adirondack Lakes – A Water Wonderland

Gorgeous sunsets and strange cloud formations are commonplace over Lake Champlain
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The weathered mountains of upstate New York undulate like an enormous sea serpent. It descends into the valley, dipping its dusky blue-black tail and shimmering green coils in and out of Adirondack lakes. I rode the serpent down into the village of Tupper Lake. After a brief stop to dip my own toes into the … Read more

Adirondack Museum Teaches that Keeping Adirondack Park Forever Wild is a Delicate Balancing Act

View deck at Adirondack Museum overlooks Blue Mountain Lake
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From the view deck at Adirondack Museum, Blue Mountain Lake sparkled like a dazzling sapphire surrounded by emerald forests. I contemplated the distant dusky blue mountains and tried grasp that every bit of the vista spread before me had at one time been covered by a shallow inland sea. The Adirondack Mountains began to take … Read more

Great Camp Sagamore in Adirondack Park – Land of No Locks

Great Camp Sagamore in Adirondack Park, New York
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I swung the door wide and surveyed the rustic room at Great Camp Sagamore that would be my home for the next three days. Rich leaf green walls topped pine wainscoting and a red and black checked quilt was deftly tucked into the sides of the heavy wooden cradle bed. Anxious to dive in for … Read more

Holding Hands with the Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama arrives at Yard Park in Washington DC to pour blessed sands from dissoved Kalachakra mandala into Anacostia River
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On the final day of the Kalachakra for World Peace 2011 I drove to Yard Park in Washington, DC and waited for the Dalai Lama to arrive. Earlier that day the mandala, a beautiful circular sand painting that monks had been building and praying over for the past 10 days, was dissolved and swept up … Read more