Attending President Barack Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony

From the moment Barack Obama was declared President-elect, I began thinking about the possibility of attending his Inauguration. I searched the Internet and found dozens of sites offering tickets to the swearing in ceremony and the Inaugural parade. Prices ranged from a low of $516 and soared into the thousands. Nix that idea, I thought. … Read more

Magnificent Fall Foliage Following Me Everywhere

Despite patchy fog and spitting rain this morning, the views from the Interstates of eastern New York were spectacular. From the Hudson Valley, past the Catskills, and up to Albany, the fall foliage was at its peak. North of Albany, many of the trees had already been stripped of their leaves, and I began to … Read more

Luray Caverns and Heshey Chocolate World; A Grand Slam And A Strike-Out

Yesterday I was 1 for 2. Originally I had planned to return to I-95 North and and take the I-495 loop around Washington, D.C., but my friends in Fredericksburg, who travel this route every day, told me that traffic begins backing up 30 miles outside of D.C., which is only 50 miles away. Since my … Read more