Christian the Lion Proves Love Knows No Bounds

Christian the Lion Proves that Love Knows No Bounds

In 1969, John Rendall and Ace Berg rescued a lion from a cramped cage in Harrods Department Store, where it was offered for sale. Christian the lion soon grew too big for their small apartment and they reintroduced him to Africa. A year later they wanted to visit their former pet in his natural habitat, but they were told he was now the head of a large pride and was entirely wild. They went in search of him anyway. Watch the amazing video below to see what happened:

5 Comments on “Christian the Lion Proves that Love Knows No Bounds

  1. Sadly the video no longer works but I have read the book and it is an extraordinary story. How the world has moved on from UK department stores selling wild animals as a novelty in the late 60s!!

    • Mark: Thanks for letting me know – I replaced it with a working video that tells the same story. You just never know when these videos will be removed from YouTube.

  2. Was catching up and saw the lion video and it touched me to the heart. I agree with Colleen I needed a tissue also.

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