I Am A Work In Progress

Day after day I write and receive no responses, until I sometimes wonder if anyone is actually reading my blog. Then suddenly, I’ll post something that hits a nerve and lots of people will comment or email me. The story about the lion, “Love Knows No Bounds,” was one of those posts. In addition to public comments, I received a private email from one reader, who wrote:

“I absolutely loved the lion video. Humans should be more like animals don’t you think?”

I never really thought about it before, but maybe we should all try to be more like animals. They show unconditional love, are non-judgmental, do not gossip or criticize, and do not have egos. My intention is to never say or think negative things about people, but my behavior always seems to fall short. No sooner have I renewed my commitment to act without judgment than I will find myself mentally criticizing what someone is wearing or speaking in a less than complimentary manner about a business associate, etc. I realize that this behavior is a symptom. When I demean others, it is an attempt to feel “better than” those I am judging.

When I realize that I have done something for the wrong reasons or acted in a way that has caused someone pain, I will chew on it for days, agonize over my reasons for doing it, and become convinced that I am a really bad person. This is both good and bad. Bad because I can really beat myself up emotionally. Good because, as long as I am aware that my behavior is not acceptable, I will continue to improve. What I must always remember, though, is that I am human and thus not perfect. I am a work in progress. I can only strive for progress, not perfection. And I can always hope that the people who love and care about me will understand if I occasionally stumble.

4 thoughts on “I Am A Work In Progress”

  1. Oh Honey, I just found you at today.com and you’re going on my BigShoes blogroll. Keep writing! And if you’re looking for a writing blog not like any other join me at WritelyApplied.today.com.

  2. Indeed, we are all works in progress. We are human. Faulty. I try to be a positive person, too, but sometimes feel the need to poke a little fun at the craziness. Keep on keeping on, Barb!

  3. Every morning I wake up, get some tea, open my laptop and read a couple of FL news sites, a couple of national new sites and your blog, before I open emails or answer the phone. When you do not write for a few days, I wonder about you! Your outlook on life is similar to mine and I often think, “That is just what I would have done,” when I read the way that you think!


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