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Category: Inspirational

Words of Gratitude from a Grateful Recovering Alcoholic

You will forgive me if stray from my normal travel narrative, but I recently passed an important milestone in my life and I feel compelled to write about it. On January 24th, I celebrated my 20th anniversary of being clean and sober. It is difficult to remember how horrible my life was back…

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Helping to Promote Responsible Travel Through Green Travel Media

In my younger years, I didn’t give much thought to sustainable living. Oh, I did all the small things people tend to do: I recycled my plastics, glass, cans, and papers; gave away my slightly used clothes to Goodwill; and never left the water running when I brushed my teeth. But over the…

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Hope in a Changing Climate – Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in China, Ethiopa, and Rwanda

Efforts to improve the situation of indigenous peoples through restoration of the environment is one of the most intriguing stories to emerge from travel. One of the organizations doing important work in this field, the Environmental Educational Media Project, produced the documentary Hope In A Changing Climate, which promotes the enormous potential of…

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A Gift and a Wish on Christmas Eve

This inspirational Christmas video, sung by award-winning inspirational artists Wayne Burton and Jenny Jordan Frogley, so beautifully expresses what I wish for everyone in the coming year and beyond. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Travel Channel’s Meet the Natives Six-Part Series

Five tribal leaders from the remote South Pacific island nation of Tanna are sent to the U.S. by their supreme chief. Their mission? To bring the message of joy and peace they learned from a very special soldier during World War II – a man they called ‘Tom Navy’ – back to America….

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A Different Kind of Traveler

I thought I would forever regret not having asked his name, until I rolled into the same McDonalds a week later. There he was, just like before, food spread across the table and belongings spilling from an overflowing backpack. He wore the same over-sized Carpenter’s jeans, faded brown T-shirt, and velveteen hoodie with…

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