Fascinating Japanese Water Writer

Fascinating Japanese Water Writer

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When I was in Singapore last year, I saw the world’s largest fountain. Several times a day the shopping center in which the fountain was located would host a laser light show, featuring a variety of images that were projected onto a curtain of falling water. The Japanese fountain in the video below bests the Singaporean version. It uses water to actually create the images. I can only marvel at the technology and precision that must have been required to create this display. The Japanese company that manufactured the fountain calls it a “Space Writer.” I call it a Japanese water writer. Take a look:

2 Comments on “Fascinating Japanese Water Writer

  1. Barbara, I discovered your website by accident. The first post I saw was the aquarium then this one. I am going to follow your post going forward. The things you have seen in your six months travel is more than what most people will ever see in a lifetime.
    This is remarkable. Thank you again for sharing your experience.
    .-= koi Filter´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

    • Koi: Thank you SO much for your kind words. My blog is my passion (in addition to travel, of course), so I am always thrilled when I hear that people like what I write.

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