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Tag: West Virginia

Over The Smokies

There is no direct route between the Outer Banks and northern Illinois. National Parks and the Smoky Mountains block the way, thus the major Interstates drift either either north or south, and I always struggle with which route to take. This time, since the forecast called for no ice or snow, I decided…

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Strange Goings-On In Point Pleasant, West Virginia

On a recent trip from Illinois to the Outer Banks of North Carolina I scrutinized the map, looking for the best route. There is no direct way to make this drive but with the help of Google Maps I found a new route that took me through Indianapolis, around Dayton, Ohio, and southeast…

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Farewell To Illinois Until My Next Family Affair

Were it not for the fact that my family lives in Illinois I would never go there. I believe that every person, place and thing has a unique frequency. As we interact with other people, places and things these frequencies come into contact with each other. Sometimes they resonate with one another and…

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