Spotted in Scotland in a Skirt

A restored cavern at The Caves, a bar carved out of the ancient vaults and passageways discovered beneath the Old City in Edinburgh, Scotland
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When my friends, Dorothy and Ricky, invited me to visit them in Edinburgh, Scotland, on my way back from Laos and Thailand, I jumped at the chance. I am, after all, part Scottish. My mother was a MacDonald, a lineage that hearkens back to the days of the famed MacDonald-Campbell feud. The clash between these … Read more

Secret Of Stonehenge Revealed?

Visitors to Stonehenge have forever wondered, “How did they do that?” Now one man may have discovered the Secret Of Stonehenge. Wally Wallington is not a scientist or an engineer. He’s just a retired construction worker who is fascinated by the challenge of moving large items. Take a look at the video he created, demonstrating … Read more