Spotted in Scotland in a Skirt

A restored cavern at The Caves, a bar carved out of the ancient vaults and passageways discovered beneath the Old City in Edinburgh, Scotland
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When my friends, Dorothy and Ricky, invited me to visit them in Edinburgh, Scotland, on my way back from Laos and Thailand, I jumped at the chance. I am, after all, part Scottish. My mother was a MacDonald, a lineage that hearkens back to the days of the famed MacDonald-Campbell feud. The clash between these … Read more

Kilts Are All the Fashion, in Scotland and Elsewhere

Posing with a member of the Scottish Guard in front of Edinburgh Castle
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From the moment I arrived in Scotland I was fascinated by kilts. My assumption that they were an ethnic costume worn only for historic reenactments or cultural shows could not have been more wrong. Ordinary men walked about the streets of Edinburgh in full kilt regalia and members of the Scottish Guard wear kilts. At … Read more