Speaking Of Traveling in India

The synchronicity of the world constantly amazes me. Yesterday I wrote about traveling in India, and today I receive an email from my friend, Dorothy, who hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. Dorothy and I became fast friends when we both attended a very special Yoga retreat in a remote area of central India a few years ago.

Dorothy strikes a Yoga pose on a deserted beach

We ended up in adjacent bunks but we shared more than a bedroom – we both came down with a case of Delhi Belly and kept each other company from our sickbeds. Here’s what she sent me as a reminder:

“In case you have not heard of him Robert Burns is much celebrated Scottish Poet and we have Burns suppers on 25th January where we eat haggis and neeps (turnip). This is a rip off of the poem ‘To a Mouse.‘ I can do a translation of the Scottish language for you if you like!

The day after the Burns supper….


…..oh whit a sleekit horrible beastie
lurks in yer belly efter the feastie
nae maiter whit yae dae
abodys gona hiv tae pay
even if yae try tae stifle
its lyk a bullet oot a rifle
hawd yer bum tight tae the chair
tae try n stop the leakin air
shimmy yersel fae cheek tae cheek
‘n pray tae god it disnae reek
oot it cums lyk a clap o thunder
ricochets aroon the room
michty me a sonic boom!
God al michty it fairly reeks
hope I huvnae shit my break

Dorothy x”

This photo, taken on the occasion of her son's wedding, is proof that Dorothy really could do a translation from the Scottish! In fact, she speak with a brogue so thick that sometimes I can't understand her, which sends us into gales of laughter!

But Even without the English translation, I think you probably get the gist of the poem. Good memories, Dorothy! I still say it was providence that led us to choose the two beds closest to the bathroom in the first place. Miss you and love you a bunch!

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  1. And talking about synchronicity and yoga and India all in the same sentence. I was just thinking about how I learned about yoga on a houseboat in the Kashmir when I stumbled on this post and your first words about synchronicity. Everybody is so connected even when we think we are apart. Great post!


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