Laughing Quadruplets

The Laughing Quadruplets

My friend, Mary Jo, sent me this video of Laughing Quadruplets. How absolutely delightful! I bet you can’t watch it without giggling:

3 Comments on “The Laughing Quadruplets

  1. The laughing quadrupets weren’t laughing. Poop on ABC. But I’m smiling.
    This is the very first blog I have subscribed to. I just began writing my own two weeks ago –
    I’ve been published since I was 16 (Seattle Times), and was syndicated by 23. But the blog is more fun. No editor to say yes or no. No “political” correctness. No webmaster to wait and remaster. And I can wear my bikini to work.
    You have a wonderful combination of professionalism cloaked in love and warmth and sincerety.
    I’d love to meet you – I’m in Florida too.

  2. It’s contagious. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Right you are…it’s incredible that all four of them laughed on cue!

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