PHOTO: Women in Traditional Tibetan Clothing at Sakya Monastery in Tibet

Women in traditional Tibetan clothing at Sakya Monastery in Tibet

The women pictured above are arriving at Sakya Monastery in the small village of Sakya, Tibet. As is customary, they wear their hair in long braids, which are sometimes coiled around the head like a crown. All of the women are wearing traditional Tibetan clothing, which consists of a long, loose-fitting woolen robe called a … Read more

PHOTO: Magnificent Vista of Mount Everest from Geu La Pass in Tibet

Barbara Weibel taking photo of Mount Everest at Geu La Pass in Tibet China

I take great pride in saying that I have personally taken almost every photo that is featured in this blog. Though it’s uncommon for me to include the work of another photographer, I’m making a rare exception in this case, with good reason. During my recent tour of Tibet, I had the great good fortune … Read more

PHOTO: Shakyamuni Buddha Statue at Pelkor Chode Monastery in Gyantse, Tibet

Pelkor Chode Monastery in Gyantse, Tibet

I didn’t notice him at first, but as my eyes adjusted to the darkness inside the Assembly Hall at Pelkor Chode Monastery, I caught a movement. A maroon-robed monk stood at the base of the massive bronze statue of Shakyamuni. He moved serenely, refilling flickering oil lamps set between delicate yak butter sculptures. It wasn’t … Read more