A Journey Through the Secrets of the Universe at CERN

Highlight of tours of CERN include seeing actual sections of the Lare Hadron Collider with a section of the exterior cut away to show the pipes through which the photon beams travel

Geneva held no fascination for me. It was just another Swiss city with a pretty lake and exorbitant prices. But it offered one thing that other destinations in Switzerland could not: tours of CERN, the European Council for Nuclear Research, where scientists and physicists are studying the basic constituents of matter. For more than 50 … Read more

PHOTO: Zschaler House in the Old Town of Chur, Switzerland

The narrow streets and winding alleys in the Old Town of Chur, Switzerland are car-free, with scores of shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and bars

The Old Town of Chur is among the best preserved in Switzerland. One of its most interesting buildings is the Zschaler House, shown at the center of this photo. The exquisite frescoes on its facade were recently restored to their Gothic glory. Today the Zschaler House is home to a popular cafe and coffee house. … Read more

PHOTO: Buildings Around the Episcopal Courtyard in Chur, Switzerland

Buildings that surround the Episcopal Courtyard in Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland

In Chur, Switzerland, pretty buildings surround the courtyard of Saint Mary Assumption Episcopal Cathedral. Modern versions of historic wood chalets, they incorporate traditional architectural details such as the colorful shutters. The 800-year old Cathedral, located on the opposite side of the square, was reopened in 2007 following extensive restoration. It is often described as the … Read more

PHOTO: Monte San Salvatore on the Shores of Lake Lugano, Switzerland

Monte San Salvatore rises on one side of the crescent bay where the town of Lugano, Switzerland graces the shores of Lake Lugano

The iconic Monte San Salvatore, rising abruptly from the shore of Lake Lugano, is the most famous sight in the city of Lugano, Switzerland. Lugano has long been a favorite destination with the rich and famous. Not so well-heeled tourists, however, will also find much to do. In addition to cruises on Lake Lugano, the … Read more