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Three Words For Switzerland

In keeping with my determination to find easy descriptions for every country I visit, here are my three words for Switzerland: Breathtaking: Every inch of this country is stunning, but the high mountain villages in the Bernese Oberland are particularly beautiful. At one point I really had to laugh at myself because I…

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Two Days In The Bernese Oberland

Nowhere else are the Alps so near, so spectacular, so safe, and so accessible as they are in the Jungfrau Region of the Bernese Oberland. There are literally hundreds of possible destinations and thousands of hiking trails but I only had two days, so I chose the two that I’d heard the most…

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Interlaken – The Heart Of Switzerland

I am an avid map reader. I can spend hours poring over a map of a destination I plan to visit. Give me a map and I can find my way to anywhere – I’m like a homing pigeon where directions are concerned. So when I consulted maps of Interlaken and its surrounding…

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Mount Pilatus Golden Round Trip

Of the many activities available to me in and around Lucerne, Switzerland, the one everyone insisted I should not miss was the Golden Round Trip to the top of Mount Pilatus. This appealed to me, not only because I wanted to do some mountain hiking, but also because of the many legends surrounding…

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Lucerne, Switzerland is Blessed with Beauty and Friendly People

Every country has its own particular energy. The same goes for every city. There are places in this world with which I resonate and others that disrupt my energy flow. In spite of the fact that it was a lovely city, Zurich was one of those places that sapped me completely and I…

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A Day At Lake Zurich

I felt a little puny today, which, if you think about it, is pretty funny. I traveled all over Southeast Asia and Africa, eating everything in sight, including raw vegetables washed in the local water, and never got sick. But two days after I arrive in Switzerland I come down with some sort…

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