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Bergen, Norway – A City Built by Codfish

A salty sea-scent hung in the air as I strolled around the historic Hanseatic Wharf in Bergen. In earlier centuries, the fragrance would have been a bit more, well…ripe, to be kind. I tried to imagine how it must have smelled in centuries past, when the fishing fleet delivered thousands of tons of…

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View from Geiranger Skywalk, atop Dalsnibba Mountain in Norway

A still photo can barely convey the magnificence of the Norwegian landscape, but this view from the Geiranger Skywalk, perched on the craggy peak of Dalsnibba Mountain, comes close. We’d driven to the top along a ribbon of winding road, a portion of which can be seen at the bottom of the valley….

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Seven Sisters Waterfall in Geiranger Fjord, Norway

It’s a tale of eternal, unrequited love. Deep within Geiranger Fjord, Seven Sisters waterfall plummets from vertical cliffs into the ultramarine waters of Norway’s most stunning gorge. The name of the waterfall is no mystery. In times of heavy rainfall, its twining strands resemble the hair of seven women. Directly across the fjord…

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VIDEO: Riding Norway’s Spectacular Flam Railway

I’m in love with train travel. I never miss an opportunity to ride the rails. During my many years as a travel writer and photographer, I’ve been blessed to take some of the world’s most spectacular train rides. I rode the El Chepe train through Mexico’s Copper Canyon, enjoyed magnificent scenery on the…

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Mystery of the 1,500-Year Old Carved Animal Heads from the Oseberg Grave Ship

If I had to choose one word to describe Viking civilization, it would be mystery. The popular TV series by the History Channel paints Vikings as bloodthirsty warriors. While it is true they sailed far and wide, discovering new lands and raiding settlements, they spent most of their time farming. Vikings didn’t wear…

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Riding a Troll Car to the Foot of Norway’s Briksdal Glacier

Glaciers might be a dime a dozen in Norway, but I know of no other place in the world where I could get to one in a “Troll Car.” Actually, these 7-seater open-air buggies have only been transporting tourists to the foot of the Briksdal Glacier since 2004. For 100 years prior to…

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