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In Life And In His Paintings, Believability Drives Maine Artist Brian Kliewer

Although I have visited some downright unpleasant places in my travels, the majority of the places I visit are lovely, interesting, and entertaining. However, it is also true that some places “grab” me more than others. I like almost every place I visit, but occasionally I find that I love a particular place….

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Wordless Wednesday – Fall Foliage at Acadia National Park, Maine

Leaf peeping was especially colorful this year in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine

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Midcoast Maine – From The Jewel Of Camden To The Sophistication Of Kennebunkport

For my final day in Maine I chose to wander south on US Rt. 1 along the coast, sampling the various towns from Penobscot Bay to the New Hampshire state line. I started in Camden, which one local resident described as “the jewel in Midcoast Maine’s crown.” It is a lovely village, with…

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I Feel Just Like Fanny Brice About to Dig Into a Lobster Feast

Remember the movie Funny Girl? The one starring Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice? Remember the scene where Nicky Arnstein takes her to Maine and introduces her to lobster? And she eats herself stupid? Since arriving in Maine I’ve had lobster in just about every way it can possibly be prepared. I’ve had lobster…

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Penobscot Narrows Observatory – One Small Detour Provides A Big Surprise

My car is headed south now, as I gradually make my way back home to Florida. However I am still traveling in an unstructured manner, so when I came around the long curve of Route 1 leading to Penobscot Bay and spied the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, I just knew I had to stop…

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Acadia National Park – One Good Reason Why Mainers Are “Mainiacs”

God was a careless artist when he created Maine. He did not dab with a paintbrush. He did not splash. He poured beauty over the State. Nowhere is this magnificence more evident than in Acadia National Park, which occupies nearly half of Mount Desert Island and a scattering of smaller islands off the…

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