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The Bedouins of Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan

The boy couldn’t have been more than seven or eight years old but he seemed perfectly at ease with the Bedouin men sipping tea in the cafe at Petra, Jordan. He tossed his unruly black curls out of his eyes, flashed a pearly smile that split his deeply tanned cheeks, and lit up…

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PHOTO: Wadi Rum in Jordan, Also Known as “Valley of the Moon”

This photo perfectly portrays why the desert landscapes of Wadi Rum in Jordan are often referred to as the Valley of the Moon. The the jaw-dropping view above was just a few steps from my traditional goatskin tent at Desert Rose Camp, which occupied high spot atop a rock outcropping. An occasional camel…

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A Terrifying Trip Into Mujib Canyon, Jordan

I sought the advice of fellow travelers on the most important places to visit in Jordan. Of the many responses I received, two sites made the top of everyone’s list: Petra and Wadi Rum. But how to arrange to see these far flung places from my initial arrival in the capital city of…

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PHOTO: The Desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan, Desolate and Stunning

Wadi Rum, Jordan, quite simply, took my breath away. Located in the far southwest corner of the country, the desert landscapes were unlike anything I have ever seen. I expected endless vistas of sand dotted with half-dead scrub brush. I envisioned a monochromatic, moon-like environment. Instead, lush green bushes blazed trails through rich…

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PHOTO: Al Siq, the Famous Gorge Leading to Petra, Jordan

In the late afternoon sun, the gorge known as Al Siq in Petra, Jordan, bursts into flame. The three-quarter mile long slot canyon is the main entrance to the ancient Nabatean city. The walls of Al Siq soar nearly 600 feet high in places and show evidence of millennia of wind and water…

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The Treasury at Petra, Jordan, Carved Out of Solid Rock

The Treasury at Petra, one of the most magnificent archaeological sites in the world, ranks high on any list of the best places to visit in Jordan. The structure was carved from solid rock by the Nabataeans, who are thought to have been an ancient Arabic tribe. Very little is known about the…

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