PHOTO: Step Pyramid of Djoser is the Oldest Known Pyramid in Egypt

Camel strikes a pose before the Step Pyramid of Djoser, just a twenty minute ride from Giza, Egypt

The Step Pyramid of Djoser, located just 19 miles outside of Giza, is the oldest pyramid in Egypt. Though there are a couple of other competitors, it may also be the oldest known cut-stone building complex in the world. Today it is the centerpiece of the necropolis of Saqqara, a large cemetery that served the … Read more

PHOTO: Great Pyramid of Giza, also Known as Pyramid of Khufu

Egypt Giza Great Pyramid of Khufu

I’d long wanted to visit the Egyptian pyramids, but kept putting it off due to scheduling and concerns over safety in the region. Last fall, I finally made it. One of the biggest surprises for most travelers is the location of the pyramids. Photos show them surrounded by sand, as if they are solitary structures … Read more

PHOTO: Kom Ombo Temple in Upper Egypt Was Dedicated to Two Gods

Kom Ombo Temple, near Aswan in Upper Egypt, is the only temple in Egypt dedicated to two separate gods

Kom Ombo Temple may be the most unique temple in Egypt, as it is the only one dedicated to two gods. Beyond the double entry are two separate but connected Hypostyle halls where reliefs of the gods have been carved into massive sandstone columns. The falcon-headed god Horus commands on the left side, while the … Read more

Rebirth on the Nile: Sailing on a Traditional Dahabiya with Nour El Nil

Tugboat tows our traditional Dahabiya out to the center of the Nile River in Egypt

A fat bumble bee lumbered across the stern of our boat. He circled a few times before realizing the yellow rope and orange life preserver weren’t flowers, then turned and headed back to the island where we were anchored. A black and white Kingfisher crossed his path, gliding impossibly close to the blue-green water of … Read more