PHOTO: Young Artist in the Village of El Kab, Egypt

Young girl creates modern day hieroglyphics on a wall in the tiny village of El Kab, Egypt

When our traditional dahabiya stopped for a visit in the small village of El Kab, Egypt, children flocked to the dock to sell their handmade baskets. This little girl, however, was more interested in drawing on a nearby stone wall with a piece of charcoal. Extracting myself from the fray, I wandered over to see what she was doing. With no shared language, we couldn’t communicate, but I tried to convey that I liked her creations with sign language and smiles. She flashed a shy smile of appreciation, nodding when I pointed to my camera for permission to take her photo.

More than any other photo of people I met during my Nour El Nil cruise, this one stayed with me. Not only is this girl incredibly beautiful, but she linked me to ancient Egypt in a way that none of the tombs and temples had been able to. As I watched her draw, I realized that ancient Egyptians must have started creating hieroglyphics and images in the exact same way.

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