PHOTO: Ancient Roman Amphitheater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

This ancient Roman Amphitheater in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, is still being used for present-day concerts and plays

The ancient Roman Amphitheater in Plovdiv is one of the most stunning sites in Bulgaria. Records show evidence of occupation in Plovdiv as far back as 6,000 BC, during the Neolithic Age, making it one of Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. In the Bronze Age it became a Thracian settlement named Eumolpias, and in 342 … Read more

PHOTO: The Red Rocks of Belogradchik, Bulgaria

The red rocks of Belogradchik, Bulgaria, turn fiery at sunset

The weird and fabulously formed rocks of Belogradchik, Bulgaria, turn fiery red at sunset. Composed of sandstone, limestone, and conglomerate, the formations resulted when ancient seas that covered the area millions of years ago receded. Over time, the sediments that had lain at the bottom of the sea were eroded by wind and water. Legends … Read more