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How to Get From Tirana to Montenegro

Author’s note: The below information was correct at the time of writing, but in April of 2016, the Old Town Hostel in Kotor, Montenegro started providing bus service between Tirana, Shkoder, Podgorica, Budva, and Kotor. Tickets are available online at Kotortotirana.com. Figuring out how to get from Tirana to Montenegro should have been…

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PHOTO: Roman Amphitheater in Durres, Albania

Click on title of post to view photo in large format: This Roman Amphitheater in Durres, Albania, is the largest ever found in the Balkans. It was discovered near the city center by a farmer who was plowing his fields. The port of Durres was part of The Egnatian Way, a vital trade…

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Albania – the Holy Grail for Intrepid Travelers

My plan for the summer had been to tour all seven of the countries that once composed Yugoslavia. I was close to meeting that goal, having visited five of the seven, but my last minute decision to visit Lake Ohrid, Macedonia put me so close to Albania that I could have walked there….

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PHOTO: Stony Massifs Wrap Around Kruja Albania

Click on title of post to view photo in large format: Sweeping view of the city of Kruja Albania from the National Skanderbeg Museum. Kruja (Krujë) was the first capital of the autonomous state of Albania in 1190, and later became the capital of the Kingdom of Albania. The city was conquered by

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PHOTO: The Dollma Teqe Mosque in Kruja, Albania

Click on title of post to view photo in large format: View over Kruje, Albania, from an old stone terrace next to the Dollma Teqe. Built in 1789, this ancient mosque on the grounds of Kruja (Krujë) Castle, belongs to the Sufi order of the Bektashi. Once banned by the Ditator Hoxha, today

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Oda Restaurant, the Best Albanian Food in Tirana, Albania

The front desk clerk at my hotel didn’t hesitate a moment when I asked if she could recommend a good restaurant in Tirana. “Oda Restaurant,” she said. “You will love it.” Off I went, without even asking what type of cuisine they served. My GPS soon showed that I was close. I was…

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