Mesmerized by Monet’s Water Lilies At The High Museum of Art In Atlanta, Georgia

Mesmerizing. From across the gallery, Monet’s 42-foot painting undulated. Soft pink blossoms reflected on the indigo pond, rippling where blue-green lily pads broke the surface. Closer, the illusion of movement was replaced by one of depth. Rosy red lilies floated on water so crystalline it seemed I could see clear to the bottom. Through August … Read more

Concord Woolen Mill in Atlanta’s Heritage Park Oozes History

“I wonder where that road goes?” Some insatiable curiosity has always compelled me to take the path less traveled, searching for little known landmarks, attractions, or beautiful vistas that I am certain lie along its route. I simply cannot resist the allure of the unknown. So when I returned from my westbound trek on the … Read more

Chatting With President Franklin D. Roosevelt At The Little White House In Georgia

President Franklin D. Roosevelt nodded at me from his wheelchair on the porch of his favorite retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia. “Good afternoon, Mr. President,” I said. “May I inquire where you are from?” he asked. “Sarasota, Florida.” “Ah, yes. I have traveled to your part of the country to inspect military installations and harbors … Read more

Chasing Butterflies At Callaway Gardens In Pine Mountain, Georgia

It was gray and drizzly on the afternoon I arrived at the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center in Pine Mountain Georgia. I stepped inside the octagonal glass Conservatory, prepared to be wowed by more than 1,000 butterflies of 50 different species flying freely throughout the enclosed rain forest environment. But nothing was happening; hardly a … Read more