Overcoming Sensory Overload in Delhi, India

A Gordian traffic knot on a busy street in Old Delhi India

The bus braked suddenly, jolting me awake. I blinked rapidly, trying to reconcile the scene outside my window. Somewhere between Agra and Delhi, India, hundreds of sheep crossing the highway had brought us to a dead stop. Slender women draped from head to toe in black gauze walked gracefully among the animals, prodding them with wooden … Read more

Prakash Kutir Homestay – The Gold Standard of Bed and Breakfasts in Delhi, India

King Bedroom #2, one of three bedrooms in the family suite at Prakash Kutir B&B, is equipped with air conditioning, LCD TV, in-room wifi, and ensuite bathroom

There’s a lot of chatter these days about cultural immersion and authentic travel experiences. One of the best ways to have such experiences is to stay in a local home or a B&B. I’ve traveled the world for the last ten years, staying in dozens of local homes, and I can tell you with authority … Read more

Speaking Of Traveling in India

The synchronicity of the world constantly amazes me. Yesterday I wrote about traveling in India, and today I receive an email from my friend, Dorothy, who hails from Edinburgh, Scotland. Dorothy and I became fast friends when we both attended a very special Yoga retreat in a remote area of central India a few years … Read more

So You Think You Want To Travel To India?

Ah, India! Just saying the word conjures up images of the Taj Mahal in the soft light of dawn, camels trekking across deserts, worshipers bathing in the sacred Ganges, mountains of spices in marketplace stalls, and women wrapped in luscious silk saris. India also means being exposed to filth, poverty, masses of humanity, beggars on … Read more