Vote For Me in the “Cheesiest Travel Photo Contest”

My friend Anil Polat, who also happens to author the fabulous travel blog, occasionally puts together fun travel contests for his readers. His latest is the “Cheesiest Travel Photo Contest,” which offers readers the opportunity to vote for their favorite cheesy photo among those sent in by readers. The owner of the photo voted the “cheesiest” will win a nice prize package. I passed on the opportunity to enter the contest the first time around, but when Anil decided to do it all over again I just couldn’t resist.

Despite the fact that I’m now 20 pounds thinner, I no longer have underarm wings , and I’ve let my hair grow out to its natural silver color, I sent him a photo of me (ugh!) at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, taken in 2007. You can check out all the photos right now and vote beginning on December 21st.; I’d sure appreciate your vote if you think my photo is the cheesiest!

7 thoughts on “Vote For Me in the “Cheesiest Travel Photo Contest””

    • Yeah – almost didn’t send it in because I look so different now – 20 pounds thinner and have since let my hair grow out to its natural silver. But I figured, what the heck. Good for a laugh all around.

  1. Pretty cheesy, but you missed your real chance–if you know what I mean. How many times can I vote? I’m from Chicago, so I should get at least five.


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