The Curse of Robert The Doll

The Curse Of Robert The Doll

I snapped a photo of Robert The Doll before reading that he puts curses on anyone who takes his photograph. Uh oh. Surely it’s just a myth, I thought. Curious, I began reading about the doll’s history. In 1903, Robert was given to four-year old Gene Otto, who lived in Key West. As Gene grew up he blamed everything bad that happened on the doll. By the time Gene was married, Robert had taken the blame for a lifetime of lies, misdeeds, and mischief.


Robert The Doll is on display at the East Martello Museum and Fort in Key West

Some say Robert’s face had begun to change by the time Gene died in 1974, that his eyes grew more expressive. People insisted that the doll moved around and could be heard giggling behind their backs. Many who came in contact with Robert experienced bad luck, as if the doll was getting even for all the years he had been made a scapegoat. The curse of Robert The Doll grew into such a well-known legend in Key West that whenever things went wrong, locals would simply shrug and say, “Blame it on Robert.” But Robert’s real fame came when the “Chucky” horror film series (Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, etc.) came out, as they were said to have been modeled on the real-life story of Robert the Doll.

There are many theories about why Robert behaves the way he does. Some believe it is an ancient curse. Others say it is voodoo. Still others insist that Gene Otto’s ghost has returned to the doll whom he loved so much. The museum cats seem to believe in Robert’s dark powers – they keep their distance when staring up at the glass case in East Martello Museum where Robert is enthroned. People, on the other hand, tend to doubt the legend, and have suffered the consequences. Letters scattered at Robert’s feet and tacked up on an adjacent wall are testimonials from dozens of unbelievers who were cursed by Robert The Doll, such as this one:

Since our visit to the museum, we’ve been under a dark cloud.

I began to develop a rather severe toothache. Two days later, Hurricane Charly cut our vacation short and we joined the parade of evacuees leaving the islands. We were evacuated from our vacation spot three days early with my mouth in tremendous pain. My sister-in-law was also having female health issues. We were all forced to make alternate travel arrangements on the run.

My sister-in-law lives in Clearwater. After a problem laden and horrendous trip, she finally got home, only to be evacuated from there too. She packed up her two cats and headed for her parents house in Winter Haven and ended up in the middle of the storm there. They lost power for two days.

When we arrived in Miami for our flight back to Indianapolis, the plane broke and they had to “find” a different one for us. The following day, back in Indiana, I went to the dentist to learn that my tooth had abscessed and I had to have a root canal.

Last night we had a huge thunderstorm. Our house was hit by lightning – not once, but TWICE! We were unplugging things, but not fast enough. We lost three TV’s and a large satellite dish. The first hit, which sounded like a gunshot in the house, took one large TV and the satellite dish, and the second hit got two more TV’s. Again, the sound was horribly frightening.

Please do me a favor and tell Robert that we did not mean to anger or offend him and we’re sorry if we did. His photo did turn out good, so he sat very nicely for me. Would he like it back?

Yours sincerely,

Cindy Lye


Hundreds of letters have been sent to the Museum by visitors who beg Robert’s forgiveness and ask him to remove his curse

As for me, well, Robert and I were introduced several days ago and so far I’ve suffered no ill effects. But then, I’m not taking any chances. Like the cats, I choose to believe.

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    • I am so sorry Robert for looking you up I was fascinated by your story. Please don’t curse me. I am sorry I did not ask permission first. Thanks for understanding

  1. Sorry, Robert. I had no idea. You’re pretty facsinating, and I coulnt resist.

  2. I am really sorry Robert, had no clue you wanted me to ask before looking you up. I hope I didn’t offend or disrespect you in any way. Sorry again.

  3. Hi Robert,
    I’m really sorry that I was concentrating on different things while I watched this documentary about you.
    I didn’t mean to offend or disrespect you. I listened to your story all the time, and I found your facial features hauntingly vivid and intense. I will definitely never forget you, and I regret not having visited you when I was back in Florida.
    But I’m just so used to check my phone, my games, my ads …, whenever I’m watching TV and the sound of some new information is coming up. It’s terribly urgent for me to give away some of my ever breeding pets and to find a few people to interact with, so I can’t leave any questioning mail unanswered for long. Otherwise I will become the crazy rat lady soon.
    I’d absolutely love to see you for real, but now that I lost my baby, my job, and my licence, the USA won’t be the easiest place for me to go.
    But I will keep you in my heart forever. Wish I could dress you in something nicer and bring my rats for playing with you. They are really cute and nice, not like the snobbish cats that don’t want to come to you.
    Please end the curse that is following me, especially between me and A, so that it will be as perfect again as it used to be for so long.
    I keep you in my heart. Surely whatever happens is not your fault!
    Love, Marykate

  4. Dear Robert, I stubbled across your story on a paranormal documentary. I apologise if I disrespected you in anyway. I hope you are ok. I think you are very interesting. Sincerely Courtney D.

  5. Dear Robert,
    I am truly sorry I have been looking you up. I had no idea you wanted me to ask before doing so. I am very interested in the paranormal. I think your story is very cool and interesting. I will ask before I look you up again. Please do not curse me, I honestly didn’t know.

    My deepest apologies,

  6. My apologies Robert for looking you up on the internet and looking at your photo without permission. I recently heard about your story and was intrigued.
    Please forgive me for my curiosity

    Thank you
    Blessed Be and positive vibes.


  7. I am deeply sorry Robert for not asking your permission to look you up, look at your picture online, watching a video about you, and calling you ugly. I regret everything I’ve done that may have made you angry. Please do not curse me for I had a crappy last year. Thank you

  8. Oops. I wanted to know more about you but didn’t know until I read this that you want us to ask first. Very sorry. I won’t look up anymore about you, I promise. Please forgive me.

    • same here robert i deeply apologize for not asking permission before looking you up on the internet and deeply respect you please accept my apology and thank you if you do

  9. Dear Robert we are very sorry for reading about you, looking at pictures and videos without ur permission we have ment no disrespect we were just curious about such an interesting person like yourself we have nothing but light and love in our hearts for u. Natt & Amee

  10. I just happened upon this story and I want to say that if I should have not been readreading about you I am so sorry Robert. I have respect for you and please do not curse me as I’ve already had a very terrible last year. Apologies!!!

  11. Dear Robert

    I apologise for clicking on a video about you without your permission, I will never do it again without asking you. I hope you can forgive me. ps: Please forgive me

  12. Robert, I read about you earlier today but had no means of apologies until now. I am wholeheartedly sorry for looking at your picture, reading your story, and talking of you without permission. Please accept my apologies. Respect and well wishes, Ben

  13. I’m truely sorry for looking you up on the internet I was very interested in learning about you please for give me I ment no disrespect and I hope you have beautiful day

  14. Dear Robert,
    I am sorry for looking you up without your permission. I was unaware that I needed your permission to look you up online. I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me.

    • Sorry if I interrupted you Robert , I mean no disrespect at all I just got curious. Good vibes only robert .

  15. I am sorry that I am reading all the comments about you. I’m trying to find a specific article from 2013 but no luck.Sorry if I interrupted you.

  16. Dear Robert,
    My mother and i are deeply sorry for reading an article about you without your permission. We apologize if we offended you in any sort of way. We hope that you forgive us.
    Full respects,
    Tina & Wendy

  17. Robert, I am so deeply sorry for looking you up and reading about you without permission, please forgive me and p.s, Youre pretty awesome! p.p.s, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

  18. Dear Robert,
    I am sorry for looking you up without your permission. I was unaware that I needed your permission to not only take pictures of you, but to look you up online as well. I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me.

  19. I’m sorry Robert for looking you up without permission. One day I will be able to say it personally to you, deeply apologize for it

  20. It wasn’t my intention to offend you Robert. I’ll always give you the benefit of the doubt. I clicked the link without asking. Again my apologies and it won’t happen again without your permission.

  21. Robert I am sorry for looking you up without your permission I watched chucky today and wanted to know was it based on a real doll im sorry if I offended you i just wanted to know more about you please forgive me

  22. sorry robert please don’t be mad i have american girl dolls that can be your friend if you like

  23. Sorry Robert if I had offended you in anyway hope you can forgive

  24. i am deeply sorry for clicking on a link and reading about you without your permission. Please forgive me it will never happen again.

  25. Robert, Please accept my apologies . Im deeply sorry for looking you up and watching a video on youtube without asking your permission. I cannot express this enough . total respect

  26. Robert, my sincerest apologies for not asking your permission before looking you up

    • my name is sarah also…same thing sorry for clicking in the link, Robert, if it offends you!

  27. Sorry Robert I didn’t mean to offend you in any way for looking u up I promise to not do it again and stop sorry Robert.

  28. Did not know the story and im not taking any chances i am chucky fan and heard the robert inspired the movie in any case i dont want or need any bad luck so i apologise for not asking before looking robert up

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