How Will We Remember The Gray Eagles Of World War II?

Because I am fascinated by anything having to do with World War II, I was delighted when a friend sent me a link to the video below. It is all about P-51 Mustang fighter planes, affectionately known as the “Gray Eagles.” The story of this enduring aircraft is told through the eyes of pilot Jim Brooks, a WWII ace who flew the Mustang named “February” during the war, providing protection for B-17 bombers as they penetrated deep into German territory.

Although there were nearly 16,000 Mustangs built only 200 remain worldwide. In September of 2007, nearly half of these remaining P-51’s came together at an unprecedented event, “The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends“, held at Rickenbacker Field in Columbus, Ohio. Through this event, Brooks was reunited with his plane, and his family was finally able to get him to reminisce about his war experiences. The video, which is is extremely touching and at times even humorous, features Brooks’ two grandchildren, who accompanied their grandfather to the event for his first view of the restored plane and subsequently had an opportunity to fly in it.

I can relate. My father was a ball turret gunner in a B-17 bomber in WWII and he, too, hesitates to speak of those days. On the rare occasions when he does reminisce, I treasure every sliver of information he divulges. His memories are precious pearls that need to be remembered, honored, and preserved.

The brave men and women who served in WWII are all now in their eighties. Fewer and fewer remain. Sadly, my Dad is among those who have passed. But before he left us at the age of 89, he did share more of his World War experiences with us than he had been willing to when he was younger. And who knows; perhaps Jim Brooks was one of the fighter pilots who protected my Dad’s plane, bringing him back to us safely.

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  1. My Grandfather was a B-17 Gunner in WWII as well, proud and humble. Thank you for sharing your story. My grandfather passed away the other day, and I am trying to track down some kind of contact for the Gray Eagles. My grandfather was a member of this group. I am hoping top find a plane like the one he flew in during WWII to thrown his ashes from…. any ideas?

    • Hi Katie: Thanks so much for your comment and please accept my condolences on the death of your grandfather. Your search may be a difficult one. The Gray Eagles Foundation website, which may have been your best bet, has been closed down. You may find help at the AOPA (Airline Owners and Pilots Association). They are located at 421 Aviation Way Frederick, MD, 21701, phone 800-872-2672. You may also have some luck at this website, which tracks the P-51 Mustangs that are still flying:


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