Today Is A Good Day. Every Day is a Good Day.

My New Year’s resolution was this: “Today is a good day. I will stay mindful that when we are grateful and focus on what is really important in life, every day is either a good day or a great day.” So far this year, I have kept my resolution. There have been times that tested me, and when that happened I used tools to get back on track, like this video I received via email today. Aside from containing some beautiful images, it carries a message that can help us all stay mindful of the things that are truly important in life and be grateful on a daily basis. Take a look. Perhaps it will help you to also believe every day that today is a good day.

14 thoughts on “Today Is A Good Day. Every Day is a Good Day.”

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  2. Hello Barbara. I have only just stumbled upon you. This video is very special and has made my day. I love your description of feeling like ‘the hole of the donut’ – I think that might describe the way many of us feel. I am in my late 50’s and only this year realised what my passion is and since then I have been blogging away. I also have bought myself a good camera and am enjoying taking my own photos (not up to the standard of the photos in this video but am working my way towards that…)

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  6. Barbara:

    Please don’t ever remove this video from your blog!
    It is now the starting point of my daily meditation.

    Thanks for all that you give,
    Laura Lee

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  10. As I sat down to view what I suspected to be a wonderful video, I said, I’ll just hurry up and watch this!! Ha! hurry up and watch….. I began to feel my breathing slow down, to be engulfed in peacefulness… Thank you for sharing Barbara, thank you for giving. It wasn’t long and gentle tears of greatfulness came to be. Love, love, love it!!!!!

  11. Barbara, I met you yesterday in KW and you let me into your life by sharing this beautiful journey with me. Thank you and yes today is a great day. ds


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