Mental Conducting – A Neat Trick

My friend, Monika, sent me this fascinating video of a conductor attempting to mentally communicate to his orchestra which piece of music he wants them to play. Without having any foreknowledge of the selected piece, with no sheet music, and with the conductor’s hands tied behind his back, the orchestra ostensibly “picks up” the mental intention of the conductor and slowly begin to tune up, eventually collectively morphing into Beethoven”s Ode To Joy. Take a look:

Amazing psychic powers or trick? The facilitator of the stunt is Derren Brown, a present day master of mentalism, magic, psychology, suggestion and misdirection. I see how he cues us in the “revealed” video to subliminally suggest which shapes to choose, actions to take, etc., but I cannot figure out what he does to force the orchestra to pick up on a specific piece of music. Even more curious, how does he get the conductor to choose that particular piece of music in the first place? Does anybody out there see or hear something I don’t? Leave me a comment. I am stumped.

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